VapourHost Review: An Honest Audit With Discount Coupon

VapourHost Review: Today, I am going to review the Leading WebHosting Company VapourHost.

I am sharing My Personal  Experience with VapourHost.  I’m using their Service from the beginning, and the Journey of My Blogs are Impressive with them.

VapourHost was founded on 30 October 2016. It was founded by Chirag Aggarwal & Chirag Agarwal. They are two different Guys who Founded VapourHost and have gained a lot of Reputation in the Market with their Services.

VapourHost is Specialized in Shared Hosting but few weeks ago, They have Started providing PBN Hosting! Want to Know More? Read this Post!

Why You Should Go For VapourHost?

VapourHost is one of the fastest Growing Web Hosting Company. 

We all know They are new in the Industry but Yet they are taking craze in the industry.

Their Vision is to Rev​olutionize the Industry.

The Main Reason, they are being loved by their Customers & Even, Internet Marketers is their Amazing Services & the Support at such Cheap Rates, they are providing to their Users.

There are a a lot of WebHosting Companies over the internet Like BlueHost, HostGator, A2 Hosting and Many But Their Plans  are a Bit Costly for a Newbie or also for a Guy who wants to host his small websites.

Can You Believe that their Hosting Package is Starting from 25RS? Yeah, I'm not joking at all.

Their number of Customers are Growing Day-By-Day. I'm also one of them and I have 6 Blogs hosted there.

​They have a Pure Dedication towards their Customers and are always eager to help their Customers at any Phase.

Satisfaction is the Key to Happiness. They make sure that The one who comes to them, are Enough Satsified. 

Their First Priority is their Customers as a Hosting Provider and In It, They are Gem! πŸ˜‰

​Want to know more? Check Below!




As a WebHosting Company, There are always Some Pro’s & Cons about it. Want to Know? Check Out From Below:

Pro’s Of VapourHost 

Cheap Plans: There are a lots of WebHosting Companies but Maximum of them are having Costly Plans which can not be afford by everyone! And It’s just difficult for a Newbie who is just starting out, And That’s Where VapourHost Comes. VaporuHost is one of the Quality Cheapest Hosting Provider available in the Market.

100% Uptime: I’m sure, You are thinking that I am writing all this for Commission & all. Seriously, It’s an Honest Review From me. If I want Commission, Why I am not Promoting BlueHost here? πŸ˜‰ 

And Yeah, I’ve Faced no DownTime from the Day 1. Still have some questions? You can check the Uptime From their Website too. 

Click here to Check!


Fast Loading Servers: Believe me, I am amazed by their Fast Loading Servers. After Hosting One of My Blog on Vapourhost, The Page Speed Score increased and I’m still wondering How it happened. I’m attaching the Snapshot Below: 

vapourhost review

Fastest Growing Company: Yeah, Yet, VapourHost  has not completed It’s 1st Year but Somehow, They have managed to get a good number of Customers in the Short period.  You should go for VapourHost without any hesitation.

Amazing Support: Their Support is Just Amazing! Believe me, Whenever I faced any problem, I messaged or Emailed them, I got my Problem Solved in a few Minutes or in a few hours. They are active on Facebook always where You can ask your query with the Owners. They have a Facebook Page also, You can get Support from there, They have a Secret Facebook Group for their Customers where they share Premium Stuffs too. 

You can get Support By Creating a Ticket from Your VapourHost Dashboard too and There is 24×7 Live chat added on V.H. You can get Support from there too. 

You can see, You are getting Amazing Support! They are Providing Real Value to their  Customers.


Even, They are providing Such Cheap Services. On the other hand, They are offering 30 Days Money Back Gurantee. I think, You don't have to worry more about the Amount You are investing in their Service. 


Con’s of VapourHost

Seriously, I did  not found a Single Con of VapourHost. If I get one, I’ll Update here! πŸ™‚

Overview on VapourHost Hosting Plans:

Here is a Quick Look over at the Plans of VapourHost. Don’t Go Anywhere. 

For TutorialsRex Readers, There is a Special 15% Discount for Everyone. Check Out From Below to Get the Code:

Mini Plan 1

Cheapest Plan Ever!

  • 1 GB SSD Space
  • 25 GB/Month Bandwidth
  • Single Domain
  • All Premium Features

25Rs / month

Mini Plan 2

Best Plan for Professionals Users

  • 2 GB SSD Space
  • 35 GB/Month Bandwidth
  • Single Domain
  • All Premium Features

35Rs / month

Mini Plan 3

Power User Select this Plan

  • 3 GB SSD Space
  • 45 GB/Month Bandwidth
  • Single Domain
  • All Premium Features

45Rs / month

Above, I have shared Mini Hosting Plans. You can Check Out the Plans! 

Now, I am sharing the Shared Hosting Plans. Have a Look at them too! πŸ˜‰


NOTE: I am revealing the Discount Coupon Code and that is TUTORIALSREX.

Use This Code While Signing Up and You’ll get 15% Special Discount. πŸ˜‰

Shared Plan 1

Perfectly Suitable For Business Websites

  • 5 GB SSD Space
  • 50 GB/Month Bandwidth
  • All Premium Features
  • Premium Perks
  • Single Domain


Shared Plan 2


Best Plan for Professionals Users

  • 10 GB SSD Space
  • 100 GB/Month Bandwidth
  • All Premium Features
  • Premium Perks
  • Three Domains


Shared Plan 3

Power User Select this Plan

  • 15 GB SSD Space
  • 200 GB/Month Bandwidth
  • All Premium Features
  • Premium Perks
  • Unlimited Domains


Conclusion – You Must Go for VapourHost!

I think, You should go for VapourHost Once as Personal Experience are better than Reviews! πŸ˜‰ 

It’s worth going with VapourHost. If you have Value for Quality and Support, Don’t look anywhere, VapourHost is best for you.

Just Check out the Plans above and Go for Any Plan, Use it and Share your Feedback With VapourHost and here too! πŸ™‚ 

I’ve a Great Experience With VapourHost. Still, If you have any doubt in you Mind, Comment Below! I’ll try my best with the Owners of VapourHost to Clear your Doubts. πŸ™‚

Don’t Forget to share this Post as much as you can. Sharing is Caring. Let’s Catch Up in the Next Post!

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S Nautiyal - July 22, 2017


I am using vapourhost and its really amazing hosting service in cheap price.


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