Why Mobile App Development is Important for Business?

A recent survey proves that mobile devices are certainly important in the daily routines of millions of people around the globe. In fact, a large number of industries have been promoted only because of mobile apps. Nowadays, mobile app development has entirely changed the way business works for successful entrepreneurs.

As we all know mobile apps are exponentially shaping the world of technology. Competition in the mobile app development industry is also increasing day by day. There are plenty of businesses out there that are achieving new heights by developing Android/iOS apps (some have reliable businesses running on the Windows app platform as well). The truth is that the proportion of website visitors from mobile devices makes up around 25% of all of the internet traffic which makes mobile gadgets a critical factor to any businesses out there.

The Mobile app market has come to close to $50 billion in revenue according to a survey made by ABI research. No matter how great the number, the app marketplace remains young and as such, has masses of untapped resources.
However, before a business decides to project into mobile applications, there are a few queries that need to be solved.

benefits of mobile apps

Is mobile app the first need in business?

This is the most critical question that needs to be answered before a business can determine whether it needs a smartphone app or not. For a retail enterprise, having an application does have its own benefits.
However, not every business desires their own application. Like, if the company offers consultancy, then the app they require will have a maximum possibility to involve collaboration implements instead of something that they could want to allow the public to get access to it.

Which platform should you go with?

The critical part about making an application is that the marketplace is heavily disintegrated. We have iOS platform that is driving the iPhone, iPad, and the iPod Touch successfully and on the other hand, there is another great platform Android which is driving thousands of different devices. Besides, other platforms that are lesser known like BlackBerry, Windows Phone 8, Bada and many more. 90% of business often choose iOS app development or Android app development.

Research suggests that iOS users are more susceptible to buy things via their gadgets as compared with Android devices. This may be because iOS users are used to getting things at a premium rather than Android devices who often prefer free apps in preference to paid ones. As such, if you want to go with Android, you will have to strategize your app in this sort of manner that you could monetize without difficulty.

So, the business needs to check the target market in addition to the platform that those audiences use. That should be the high-quality approach.

Where to get it built from?

This is clearly an interesting question that some corporations fail to get it proper the first time. Instead of relying on the IT department of the enterprise, do take into account outsourcing the software to a prominent or mounted application developer as a substitute. This is due to the fact through the best developer, the business can be positive that the application will be made successfully and with minimal system errors and bugs.

Benefits of Mobile Apps

Here are the some of the benefits of having mobile apps for businesses:

Customer’s visibility – Current statistics shows that average user spends more than two hours in a day on their mobiles. So you can better connect with your customer and it’s not about face to face communication between sales associates and customers.

Creates a Direct marketing channel – Biggest advantage of having a mobile application is that all the information you want to share with your customer including prices, booking forms, latest feed, special offers, and promotions are exactly in front of them.

Value to your customer – We all know that business is all about reciprocation. You always want to increase your customer’s interaction to promote sales and for this, you have to provide a level of value for your customer that they can’t get anywhere. The more people communicate with your service and products the more points they collect. The result is more downloads and more returning customers.

Reinforce brand and recognition – No matter whether you are selling flowers or any other services, your audience needs a way to reach you. A mobile app definitely contributes to making a business into a brand. The more people believe you the more it becomes easier for your business to turn into a brand.

There are many more advantages of having mobile apps. And if you analyze it correctly, you can achieve a lot of material what people want. How people interact with your android mobile application will help you make a decision and your take is going to set the future of your business. It’s up to you to determine whether you would like to be in the first list of businesses in your field.

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Mridul Kabra

Mridul Kabra is a TEDx speaker on the topic of Digital Marketing. He is the Digital Marketing Head at The NineHertz and Quadrigo. As a Digital Marketing Trainer, he has trained at prestigious institutions like IITs and NITs in India. He writes exclusive content for TutorialsRex.com.

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