Jio Tv For Pc: Download Jio Tv For Windows, Mac, Linux

Howdy Guys, Today I am going to share the exact method on how to download JioΒ Tv for Pc and play it.

The days are gone when everyone sits and watches TV on their couch.

The internet has taken the World to a new level as we can see the growth of Technology day by day.

In the craze of the web, Once again, Jio has launched their App called JIO TV Where you can watch Live Tv for free.

You can easily watch the Live channels directly through your mobile, but when It comes to Jio Tv for PC and laptop, We have to follow some steps.

I am showing you step by step on how you can watch Jio Tv on PC.

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Jio Tv For Pc Download:

Jio Tv is a badass application which is in trend nowadays and liked by Millions of People. Who don’t like such services? Huh?

Jio Tv offers more than 140+ Channels for free, and It has all types of Channels like Hindi, English, Etc. And The best part is it works without Lagging or Buffering!


It is so easy to use. Anyone can use it with few touch on their smartphones, but right now, I am sharing on how to get it for PC.


Let’s Start! πŸ˜‰

Wait Wait…

Let me point out some requirements. You need for Jio Tv on PC.

Features of Jio Tv:

I think You are well aware of the feature You are going to get. I am not writing anything extra here.


  1. You need MyJioTv Apk. Get it from below.
  2. You need a Pc or Laptop or Mac, and Any Windows supports Jio Tv. You need atleast 1 GB of RAM and 2GB of Storage to run it.
  3. The most important, MyJio Account. Don’t know how to create it? Check Below!

How To Download – Install Jio Tv on PC?

The installation process is damn easy, and I am sure, You know how to download anything or how not. I am showing the Bluestacks method to install Jio Tv for Laptop.

If you don’t know what Bluestacks is, Lemme Explain.

Bluestacks is a software that helps you in running your Android apps directly on your Windows, Mac and Linux.

You can get it from below. Below, I am sharing on how to install jio tv for PC.

  • First of all, Open your Browser and Download Bluestacks.
  • After downloading, Install it on your PC.
  • Now, Download the Jio Tv Apk from here.
  • After downloading, Click on the File and You will get a Popup right there on how you want to install,
  • Just select Install Via Bluestacks and Let it do the Work.
  • After installing it in Bluestacks, Open Bluestacks and Open Β Jio Tv Apk file.
  • Now You have to Sign-in there using your Jio Tv lID and Password
  • If you don’t have an account of Jio Tv, then You can signup using the Jio Tv app.
  • Enjoy Watching Television on Your PC for free! πŸ˜€

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So, You have got the first method above. You can try out it.

Many people are behind the requirements.

If you are one of them, Don’t worry. I am sharing an another method too! πŸ™‚

The method, I have written above is the easiest one, but If you decided to go with the second one, That’s also good.

Check this: KMSpico

Method 2: How to Install Jio Tv on Pc?

This method is also working, but I am not suggesting this method as It takes some time and every time If you want to Watch the live Tv, You’ve to open your browser.


If you have Patience, then try this method.

  • First of all, Open your Browser on your PC and open
  • Now You have to create an account there.
  • After creating the account, Download Jio Tv Apk from here.
  • In Manymo, You will find a Box like Click to Launch Emulator.
  • After opening it, On the right-hand side, You will get an option to Open it with an app, Click on it.
  • Now, It will ask you to upload your Apk file.
  • Just upload the JioTv apk there.
  • Now, After doing all the steps, It will ask you for Screen Resolution.
  • Set your desired screen resolution and Click on launch.
  • By clicking on launch, It will create a Free Virtual Machine for You.
  • Now, Sign in the Jio Tv app using Jio ID and Password.
  • BOOM, Now Enjoy live Tv on your PC Without any software.

I am adding a Youtube video here also so If you are not able to understand the above method, You can watch this video and clear all the things.



So, I have mentioned the best two working method above. If you know any other method of it, Comment below and get a Reward for yourself! πŸ˜‰

If you are a Mac user, Don’t worry! πŸ˜› I am sharing the Guide for MAC also.

How To Download Install Jio Tv on Mac?

Well, there is no guide or such thing.

The downloading and installation process is same as Windows for Mac.

Just follow the two methods, I have written above, and It will work for you too! πŸ˜‰



I have provided the best two working steps on Jio Tv for PC. If you liked this Post, Do us a favor by sharing this post.

Bookmark this Post also as we will update this Post with New Methods and Updates from Jio.

If you want more such tricks, Keep Visiting!

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