How To Install WordPress On Your Computer?

We are used to WordPress on our live blogs. What we normally do is get a domain name and a hosting provider and then install WordPress to create our websites and blogs.

How about creating a WordPress installation on your computer itself?

At times, this is done for learning and testing. Working with local WordPress installation is the best option for testing the plugins, updates and any other changes before you make these changes live for the wider audience. How to install WordPress on your Windows computer? We will discuss in the following paragraphs.

How to install WordPress on your Computer?

We use a tool named WAMP for creating a local WordPress installation. Please note that creating a local WordPress installation is also referred to as Setting up a local host.

It is the best way you can use to test the changes locally before applying them on the live blog. That way, you can be assured of your blog running properly without being affected.

Once you have tested your WordPress installation on your device, you can consider checking out WordPress Hosting services. We would advise you to look out for a good hosting provider through the review sites like Top5Hosting.

Follow the steps below to install your WordPress on your local host.

Step 1 – Install WAMP server on your computer

WAMP or WAMPServer is the software you will need for setting up your local host. It consists of Apache web server, PHP and MySQL all included for Windows computers.

You also have other options like XAMPP, but WAMP is one of the widely used options and is free to use.

  • Visit the Wampserver site at the link
  • Download the latest version of Wampserver appropriate for your version of Windows. If you are not sure, you can download the one for 32 bit Windows.
  • Once downloaded, run Wampserver. Follow the on-screen instructions.
  • You may need to choose the default web browser location. You can choose any of your favourite browsers like Chrome or Firefox through Program files.
  • Let Wampserver complete installation.

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Step 2 – Setup WordPress Database

Now we will create a MySQL database for WordPress. Here is how you can do it –

  • Click on Wampserver icon on your taskbar.
  • Click on
  • This will open phpMyAdmin window. You can leave the default username and password as it is and log in.
  • Click on Databases Under Create Database, choose a name for your database and click on Create. Remember the name you have chosen.

Step 3 – Install WordPress

Next step is to install WordPress. Follow the steps below –

  • Visit download a copy of WordPress.
  • Extract the zip file and copy the WordPress Folder.
  • Locate where you have installed Wampserver. The normal location would be C:\wamp64. Check yours correctly.
  • Paste the WordPress folder you copied above into C:\wamp64\www
  • Rename this folder to anything of your choice like MyBlog or my website.
  • Launch your browser and visit http://localhost/myBlog/. We have assumed here that you have named your WordPress folder to My blog.
  • Database setup will now begin. Click on Lets Go.
  • Add in the database information. Enter the database name you entered in Step 2.
  • Let the default username and password be as it is and click on Submit.
  • WordPress will connect to your database. Click on Run The Install.
  • Fill out the Installation form on the next screen. Provide your site name, user name, password and Email address.
  • Click on Install WordPress.
  • WordPress will now install and create database tables. Once the task is completed, you will get a confirmation message.

That’s it. You have installed WordPress on your computer. You can now login and access your WordPress Dashboard.

In Conclusion

The above tutorial should help you setup your WordPress quickly. In case you decide to make your blog live, you can do so by searching for a good hosting from review sites like Top5Hosting . You may also get some good offers through them.

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