Here is How to Get Premium Grammarly for Free?

Hey, Guys, It’s quite long I have not written any post on TutorialsRex.

Many Bloggers or Students asked me about How to Improve Grammar? I want to write, but I am weak in English, or Blah Blah Blah!

Developing a good knowledge of English is not that much hard as We think. Practice is what make us strong in every field. And That’s What Writing requires.

But Still has a fear of Grammar mistakes, Punctuations Mistakes, Etc..? No Worries. Today, I am sure; You’ll get something interesting and valuable that is going to upgrade your errors in Grammar & all.

But, How to do that? Well, There is an app named Grammarly which has helped many Writers, Bloggers, Students in enhancing their English and improved their writing skills. I am one of them. 🙂

Grammarly has both Free and Premium versions. The free one is basic and has limited features while the Premium one was advanced, and you’ll get some tools like Vocabulary Enhancement, Plagiarism, Sentence Structures, Etc. Free Version also works well, but for higher level, We have to go to Advanced level. Many of us can’t afford the premium tool as Newbie doesn’t have that much of money. But Still, If you want to buy a Premium Version, Read the excellent review of Grammarly written by My friend. But If don’t wanna go for Premium and still want the Premium account of Grammarly, then Continue reading this post else read the review and Buy from the official site. Read Review from Here: Grammarly Review

So, Today In this Post, I am going to Provide you the trick which will help you in boosting your English. You don’t have to spend a single penny in this. Let’s Start!

Get Grammarly for Free:

Requirements: an Email or a Mobile Number.

First of all, Go to Flikover.com. After that, Click on Sign Up Button.

get grammarly premium

After that, You will have to Create an account there.

get grammarly premium

After creating an account, You will receive the password on your mobile number.

Now Login to Flikover Account. After logging in, You’ll find an option to access Grammarly. Click on Visit Option.

how to get grammarly premium

Now, You will have to Install two Chrome extensions given in the dashboard, If you don’t install them, You won’t be able to use Grammarly  Premium.

how to get grammarly for free


Note: This trick will work only in Google Chrome. Don’t try this in any other browser.

After installing the Extensions from the Dashboard, Click on Click here to access Grammarly Premium.

grammarly for free

BOOM, You have got the Grammarly Premium Access for Free! Simply, Install the Grammarly Extension from ChromeWeb Store and start Writing Freely! 🙂

Note: Please don’t disable or remove the extensions, If you do that, then you won’t be able to use the services.

If you are from Outside India, Try contacting any of your friends for Mobile Number, or You can use any random mobile number service, Search Google. And after that, Login to Flikover using Indian Proxy (  VPN Works well ).

Please note that the accounts which were made by Using Codes are no longer working. Grammarly had now downgraded such accounts already. 🙂


Now, It’s your time to take advantage of this trick and start writing without caring much about Grammar Mistakes and all. Grammarly is there for you. I hope you’ve liked this method. Please bookmark this as If I get any new trick; I’ll be sharing that here. Share this to help other newbies. Catch you in the next post, Till Bye Bye!




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Priyanshu Raj

A Young Kid, Who loves to be in Technology always. I am a Normal Student and a Blogger.

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Aryan Gupta - May 21, 2017

Whew mate, thanks for sharing this cool guide! 😀

Khaled Saifullah - May 21, 2017

Thanks for sharing this guide bro! 😀

    Priyanshu Raj - May 21, 2017

    Welcome Mate! Keep Sharing & Visiting. 😉

Marvin Wilson - June 27, 2017

Grammarly is a very big help to me when I write on Facebook, thank you very much, I really appreciate it and Grammarly cuts down on my time to have to look up words in a dictionary plus with Grammarly, I also get the correct punctuation. I really appreciate all this, it’s great!


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